Cyber Security Audit / Information Security Consultancy

PCF believes in practice for compliance-based information security management systems for many clients starting from multi-nationals and governmental bodies. We conjointly believe elemental and developing trusting relationships with all our partners, clients and to supply the best of technological solutions to today’s information security challenges together with.

• Network Security
• Data Loss Prevention
• User Rights Management

Our technical consultants assist you in coming up with your security design to satisfy compliance and today’s information security problems, policies, standards, laws and regulations. Valuable Information of any enterprise could be an important plus and forms the backbone of the company. However, the protection of that plus is commonly unnoticed, that’s why over 80% of security breaches come from inside the organization which ends up with results of poor policy, procedures and staff awareness training. That's why organizations square measures exploring the advantage of yielding or certifying to ISO/IEC 27001:2013. This standard provides a baseline minimum set of controls that cowl the folks, places and method necessities you need in order to provide staff, suppliers and customers confidently in your data security. Certifying to the quality can provide a real competitive edge in today’s technology led environment and that we have a evidenced record in taking companies through the method to successful accreditation. Also, a lot of the areas we tend to cover,

• Database Security Solutions
• Specialist Risk Assessments
• Activity Watching
• Security Policy Compliance / Audits
• Security Policy Development
• Unstructured Data Management

• Remote Vendor Access • IT Security Hardware / Software Installation
• Relationship Analysis and Investigations
• Training

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